Which Cloud hosting provider is best for hosting Discourse forum?


I am from India and currently looking for best reliable cloud hosting provider for my Discourse forum.

I am using DigitalOcean servers and tried E2ENetworks. E2E is cheap and reliable but their servers hang when you reboot them. This happened with me for many a times especially while running applications in Docker.

DigitalOcean is the best cloud server provider but as it bills from USA, I have to pay IGST through reverse charge mechanism and its a headache for me.

Is there any good alternative to DigitalOcean in India? Please help.


We use DigitalOcean to host this forum. We have tried e2enetworks but found many issues with their servers. DigitalOcean, AWS lightsail and AWS in India are good Cloud providers to host Discourse. I would personally recommend DigitalOcean $20 / month server to host Discourse on Indian servers if your forum does not require too may of resources and features like auto-scaling etc.


DigitalOcean servers in India too have some issues. I face many issues while updating packages. But still DO in India is better than E2E Networks for sure. Has anyone tried AWS Lightsail in India?